Bhutan is a small beautiful Himalayan country in the South-East Asia. Bhutan is often compared and known to the world as the most peaceful and aesthetically lovable place on earth. The concept of ‘’happiness and its importance ’’ has been first realised and appreciated in this country. The term ‘’ Gross National Happiness’’ has been in the fore front of any socio-economic development since the 1960s, when His Majesty the Fourth King of Bhutan pronounced that, ‘’ Gross National happiness is more important than Gross Domestic Product’’. Unlike many countries in the world, Bhutan has its unique principals, values, culture and traditions that underpins the way people think, behave and value every living being on this mother earth. Although Bhutan stands as the only Mahayana Buddhism country in the world, it is free for every citizen to choose their faith as enshrined in the Constitution of Bhutan. Democratic governance concept remained foreign to the people of Bhutan until His majesty the Fourth King proclaimed that he is going to step down and establish new form of Government in the country. People across the country and from the far flung remote villages came pleading to His Majesty to remain as the custodian of the country. The Visionary king declined his citizens’ appeal and commanded the formation of Constitution to establish democracy in the country. Democracy came to Bhutan with unprecedented approach as a gift from the throne rather than demanding and fighting for it. Constitution is the mother of all the laws in the country. The Constitution dictates when the king should resign and has the provision to even over throw the king. The Country then became the Constitutional democratic monarchy from 2008. Today, the country is often branded as the top happiest, peaceful and best tourist destination in the world. More than 70 percent of the country is under forest cover. Around 52 percent of the land is under reserve and protected areas.

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Bhutan is the leading country in terms of environment conservation and promotion in the world. The country is identified as the only carbon-negative country in the Paris Climate Agreement high level meeting. The country’s socio-economic development plans, policies, acts, rules and regulations were underpinned by the principals and tools of Gross National happiness. Animals, nature and people live in harmony with each other, respecting and valuing their co-existence and survival. Recently, Bhutan has been awarded the ‘’sustainable destinations’ Earth Award’’ in Berlin, Germany, from 2018 top 100 tourist destinations’ in the world. The award was in recognition of Bhutan’s commitment responsible tourism and preservation of nature. With the aforementioned ineffable and amazing culture, trekking and eco-tourism places to visit, this agent aims to provide the most treasurable, mesmerizing and unforgettable trip to our valued tourists. The agent has primarily focused on culture tourism mainly due to its rich cultural and heritage sites in the country. Tourist can even see and visit some very old heritage sites, which date back to 707 A.D. There are many festivals, local songs and dances, traditional values, intriguing culture programs tourist can enjoy and draw inspiration from. Going on a culture tour to Bhutan would be one of the memorable days in your life. The agent also has the capacity and top professional guides to provide unprecedented and unforgettable trekking for the tourist to climb as high as 3000 meters from sea level in the Himalayan Mountains. If you are curious and excited to experience aerial views, nomadic life, smell the sweetness of herbal medicines, its beautiful nature and many more, booking a trekking trip in Bhutan would be an asylum to your busy working and city lives. Bhutan’s forest coverage is connected by 12 biological corridors, stretching around 3660kms. There were 52 reserved and protected areas like parks and wildlife sanctuaries. Bhutan is known to host more than 770 species of birds, 5400 species of plants and 200 species of mammal. Learning about birds and its habitats, plants and other endangered species in the world, Bhutan will be the most appropriate and resourceful place on earth to explore.


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