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Unveiling happiness synonymously used as discovering happiness tours and trek is an asylum for your mind to refresh and feel peaceful. The travel agent is based in Bhutan; a place where Gross National Happiness concept was initially coined in the world for the wellbeing and happiness of all living being on earth. 


The unveiling happiness tours and treks offers you an ineffable vacation and break from you busy work-life schedules in the cities. ‘’ If you are tired hearing the buzzing noise in the cities; if you are sick inhaling the polluted air in the metropolitan cities; if you are exhausted working tirelessly in your office or business, Bhutan is a place where you can re-fill your energy the rejuvenate. The travel agent provides culture tours to fascinate our guests to enjoy more than 100 different culture and tradition preserved and promoted in the country. The oldest culture and tradition monuments dates back to 746 A.D and many other scriptures and architectural designs to showcase. The cool and snowy mountains in the Himalayas unveils aerial views and clean air to breath for your lungs. Appreciating the potential of our mountains in the country, the travel agent provides trekking to travel across the Himalayan Mountains to re-live your life. 

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The country has around 500 species of birds and 1000 different species of plants native to Bhutan, which many were recognized as herbal. With these beautiful species and habitats in the deep forest of Bhutan, the agent provides plant and bird-watching to the interested tourist. The unveiling happiness travel agent is well equipped with professional guides and travel packages to quench your thirst for happiness, peace and relief for your stressful life style. If you believe in yourself to live long, happy and peaceful, your tour to Bhutan will be a guide for your entire life to stay stress-free! The travel agent also provides you with a facilities to listen to the secrets behind ‘Gross National Happiness’ and how to stay content and happy in your lives. Choosing to spend your vacation with this indispensable travel agent in Bhutan would reward you to spend your life more happy and peaceful!


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