Even though Bhutan is a year-round destination, climate is certainly a consideration when planning your journey, especially if you are trekking. However, Bhutan’s altitude range, from subtropical valleys to alpine peaks, and its busy festival calendar means you can visit Bhutan at any time of the year to explore its attractions and witness colourful festivals.

The most popular time to visit Bhutan is during autumn (Sep-Nov). The weather is milder, the skies are generally clearer making it particularly suitable for hiking and trekking. Spring (Mar-May) can be cloudier and have more rain than autumn, however the wildlife and flowers are at their most vivid. hough The magnificent rhododendrons, magnolias and other wildflowers are in bloom and birdlife is abundant. Many of the large festivals take place during these seasons.

Winter (Dec-Feb) can be quite cold, however the skies are usually clear providing good photographic opportunities, and there are also fewer tourists around. Please note that in January and February snow may block some mountain passes restricting access from the west to the central valleys.
The summer monsoon season (mid Jun-Aug) is not highly recommended for travel to Bhutan with high temperatures and a good chance of rainfall.

Bhutan Average Temperatures

JANUARY9.4 / -5.8°C12.3 / -2.6°C17 / 4.3°C13 / -0.2°C10.8 / -5.1°C15.5 / 8.2°C20.4 / 10.5°C
FEBRUARY13 / 1.5°C14.4 / 0.6°C19 / 7.8°C13.9 / 0.4°C10 / -1.4°C15.9 / 8.3°C21.7 / 11.5
MARCH14.5 / 0.6°C16.6 / 3.9°C22.8 / 10.4°C16.7 / 4.4°C16.2 / 3.5°C20 / 11.6°C24.8 / 14.4°C
APRIL17.6 / 4.6°C20 / 7.1°C26.2 / 12.920.1 / 6.6°C18.7 / 3.9°C22.8 / 14°C28.3 / 17°C
MAY23.5 / 10.6°C22.5 / 13.1°C29.1 / 17.7°C21 / 11.6°C21.3 / 9.5°C25.1 / 17.4°C30 / 22.6°C
JUNE25.4 / 14.1°C24.4 / 15.2°C29.2 / 20.1°C22.2 / 13.6°C22.5 / 13.5°C26.1 / 19.5°C30.7 / 22.6°C
JULY26.8 / 14.9°C25.9 / 15.6°C30.4 / 20.5°C25.3 / 15.3°C24.1 / 13.6°C27.1 / 19.8°C31.5 / 23.1°C
AUGUST25.3 / 14.7°C25 / 15.8°C29.1 / 20°C23.8 / 15°C23 / 13.7°C25.4 / 19.6°C30.2 / 22.7°C
SEPTEMBER23.4 / 11.7°C23.1 / 15°C27.5 / 19.1°C22.6 / 14.2°C21.6 / 12.1°C24.7 / 19.4°C30 / 21.9°C